Marketing & Business Solutions

Creating partnerships to help businesses thrive and grow during this unprecedented time by crafting a hands-on, concierge marketing solution for your business focused on process and application of intellectual rigor.

With my 33 years of leadership in strategy, marketing & sales, aviation, electric power, hybrid-electric and emerging industries, I help you navigate this new environment. What worked before may not be the solution in a rapidly evolving and dynamic market. I work with you and your teams to craft a growth strategy, playbook, product portfolio and customized GTM & marketing solution tailored to your needs.

Strategic Growth

Taking your profits and business growth to the next level is not magical or mystical. It requires a disciplined approach and intellectual rigor to analyze opportunities, gaps and actions. As a process-driven business consultant, I will work with you and your team to understand your goals, develop a growth map, marketing strategy and value creation plan for your business.


Customer-centric product development, market entry and technology innovation strategies.

Proposal Writing & Strategy

Creating impactful and winning proposals tailored to the customer.

Forecasting & Analytics

Seeing around corners to understand market trends & leading indicators; competitive analysis; navigating and pivoting.

Branding & Promotion

Developing a complete marketing plan for your business; leveraging “free advertising” mediums; white papers; push-pull strategies; creating brand awareness and investor/media strategies.